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RICHIE has just naturally bred the
beautiful VONDAR's JOIE DE VIE owned by
George Crawford.

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Here is a small sample of what RICHIE is producing!

Leiter's Devoted to You -- Gaiting Leiter's Sincerely Yours LNW -- Gaiting
Leiter's Devoted to You ---Stacked leiter's Sincerely Yours -- Stacked

Leiter's Devoted to You
Owner: Robin Leiter
Breeders: Robin Leiter
& Janice Staley

Leiter's Sincerely Yours LNW
Owner: Robin Leiter
Breeders: Robin Leiter
& Janice Staley

"Richie"  is now available at stud.
Stud Fee $350.00
Please call first day of season
VC/BC please.

Leiter's Firecracker TC ROM 
Ch Leiter's Excalibur ROM OFA Proven Hill's Justin OFA
Weico's Casino OFA
Weicho's Tokyo v Leiter OFA Ch Rohan's Reaction ROM OFA
Weidor's Isotta ROM
Leiter's Many Happy Returns GS-57141G71F-T   GS-EL10463-T Sel Ch Ken-Delaine's Mastercharge ROM OFA Ch Ticketman of Fran-Jo ROM
Sel Ch Ken-Delaine's Avia ROM OFA
GVX Ch Leiter's Cross My Heart OFA Leiter's Firecracker TC ROM OFA
Oakdales Rosenthal

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